Інфармацыі шляхам

Poisonous mushrooms recognize these types are dangerous

Excessive consumption of mushroom is deadly. However, so far no deaths have been documented since for larger quantities vomiting begins, so that the dose can be hardly high enough to die of it.

Poisonous mushrooms recognize these types are dangerous

The Spitzbuckelige Rauhkopf comes on, especially in the Alps and Alpine foothills and is deadly poisonous. It contains the nephrotoxic venom Orellanin. Death occurs after several days on by kidney failure.

Poisonous mushrooms recognize these types are dangerous

The bald Kremp Ling is deadly in its raw state toxic. For a long time he was considered edible edible mushroom, since it was assumed that the toxic substances are destroyed by the heat in the boiling off. But abgekochter after eating specimens form in blood antibodies that can cause sometimes fatal poisoning even after a long time. As the fungus is boiled very tasty, this makes it a particularly dangerous toadstool.

Poisonous mushrooms recognize these types are dangerous

Lined Häubling contains the poison of amanita Amanitin and is characterized deadly poisonous.

Poisonous mushrooms recognize these types are dangerous

The Frühlorchel contains the toxin Gyromitrin, which is similar to the Knollenblätterpilz poisons. Also, by boiling the poison is not destroyed, so it always comes back to fatal poisoning.

Important: Collect only what you know certainly

The German Society for Mycology (DGfM) warns on its website strongly ". Collect only mushrooms that you know sure until you after repeated determination of the note are not sure, think of the frying pan."

Who does not want to do without fresh mushrooms from the forest, you should keep the following notice of the German Mycological Society (DGfM): "Do check your mushrooms only by certified mushroom expert of DGfM on edibility back and ask him for his ID the DGfM ". These offers DGfM a list of mushroom expert, which you can filter by the postcode.

Basically any doubt a fungus rather stand and do not take any risk.

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Mushroom Poisoning: What to do?

If, despite all security nevertheless be a case of poisoning, you should consult the doctor immediately or go to the nearest hospital. - Even if the symptoms first appear easy, because they can change rapidly in the near future.

On the side of the German Mycological Society (DGfM) following Poison emergency numbers are listed (s):

  • GGIZ Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thüringen: 0361-730730
  • Nord Poisons Centre (Bremen, Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein): 0551-19240
  • Poison Center Berlin and Brandenburg: 030-19240
  • Giftnotruf Freiburg: 0761-19240
  • Giftnotruf Mainz (Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse): 06131-19240
  • Emergency telephone: 089-19240
  • Information and poison control center at Saarland: 06841-19240